Along with the development of the society and the improvement of family income, security service is more prominent than ever and has become the development goal of security companies. With many years working in managing buildings, SPS has great experience in assessing, arranging and installing security services in the most professional way.

We have a team full of experienced and well-trained staffs who are ready to meet all the requirements to bring a completely secured environment by doing night shift patrol and controlling the number of guest properly and effectively.


  • Guarantee security for the building and the surroundings 24/7

  • Supervise the camera system, identify risks, security incidents and find solutions

  • Control the human flow and vehicles in and out of the building

  • Supervise the obligation of the rules, labor safety and fire protection with other contractors working inside the building


Nowadays, the demand for cleaning services in offices, residencies and department stores is becoming more diverse, which calls for the flexibility, professionalism and efficiency, Professional cleaning service will help decreasing concern over human resources and management, facility cost, chemicals and machine undermining. Cleaning the building is ạ job requiring the details and carefulness in order to bring a clean and clear space for the building. The cleaning tasks include daily cleaning and periodical cleaning.

  • Ceiling cleaning: Cleaning dust and spider webs on the ceilings, wipe and clean the dust and other equipment installed on the ceilings

  • Wall cleaning: Clean the wall, corners and dirty areas in the office

  • Cleaning doors, inside and outside windows of the office

  • Cleaning stairways and elevators: Clean the steps, tread, handrail and fire protection system

  • Toilets: clean and deodorize sanitary equipment

  • Floor: clean and polish the floor (marble, wooden, brick) with proper chemicals and floor-scrubbing machines

  • Exterior areas: Clean and collect rubbish

  • Daily building cleaning

  • Periodical building cleaning

  • Periodically cleaning with machines, high screen cleaning, washing rugs, inox polishing and so on

  • Vacuuming, deodorizing and cleaning rugs





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Tel: 024 6259 6063

Hotline: 097 554 2368

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